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High Performance Low Cost - Ebb & Flo Gardens
Look at these features...

- Multi-mode operation - ebb & flo or drip
system ready!
-Does away with clumsy and expensive stands
becuase the reservoir doubles as the stand.
- Nutraflow Tray slides on precision tracks to
expose reservoir to quick and easy access.
- Tray also covers your reservoir to help prevent
contamination, evaporative loss and algae
blooms caused by the entry of stray light.
- Extra deep trays (5 1/2") provide superior flooding
depth over competing 3 3/4" deep trays.
- Deep channel root rails provide superior
drainage and give roots more grip to support
plant tops.

Nutraflow reservoir doubles as a tray stand and allows easy
access to the pump and solution with a simple sliding action
illustrated by arrow. Shown here with 5" Net cups and Lecastone
media (optional).

Our premium quality ebb & flo system was made with the serious hydroponic gardener in mind. Multi-mode operation enables you to also use it as a drip irrigation system by simply adding a dripper kit. Featuring an extra deep, heavy-duty tray designed to work with any type of containerized loose media, rockwool cubes or slabs.
The design of our Nutraflow table permits either ebb & flo (flood & drain) or drip irrigation to be used and we offer both kits. One of the nicest features of the Nutraflow table system is that the 22 gallon reservoir also acts as a stand. Access to the reservoir for solution maintenance could not be easier, all you have to do is slide the growing tray as you can see pictured to the right.


The Nutriflow's trademark, deep-channel drain rails and gently sloped bottom prevents stagnant water and promotes spectacular root mat formation. The deep channel root rails also give roots more to grab on to and provide plant tops with additional physical support. UV stabilized, hydroponics grade plastic reservoirs and tops are seamless and meant to provide years of reliable servi

1/2"fill and 3/4" drain fittings feature high-flow screens to prevent clogs without restricting flow. Deep root rails promote maximum drainage, oxygenation and physical support.
Nutraflow 3' x 3' Flood Table
Featuring heavy duty construction .125" hydroponics grade abs with deep channel drain rails. Not drilled.      To purchase .....
Nutraflow 22 Gallon Reservoir/Stand
.Extra heavy duty .25" hydroponic grade material. Not drilled.
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Nutraflow Ebb & Flow/Drip System
Includes Nutraflow tray, reservoir, pump, fill and drain fittings, Liquid Earth Nutrient kit      To purchase .....
Nutraflow Fill & Drain Kit
3/4" fill and 3/4" drain fittings feature high-flow screens to prevent clogs without restricting flow.      To purchase .....
5" Heavy Duty Net Cups
Extra heavy duty .25" hydroponic grade material. Not drilled.
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Leca Stone
LECA is the horticultural name for the product many of us know as Growrox, Hydroton, Hydrokorrels and Geolite. This highly porous growing medium is used to fill plant baskets and container gardens and provides good physical support for roots. Leca Stone is kiln fired for perfection and measures between 8 and 16 mm to fulfill the widest range of planting applications.
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