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Plant-Powered Automatic watering and feeding Gardens

Look at these features...

-A modular garden for growing any size plant
- Automatic, gravity powered SmartValves
  eliminate need for pumps, timers and service
- Proven irrigation technology feeds plants on
  demand for precise delivery of food and water
- Fill & forget reservoirs make managing pH
  and EC/TDS a thing of the past
- Each tray provides two, ten inch pots capable
  of supporting large plants like these tomatoes

- Modular, plug & play design means easy setup
  and modification, grow from 2 to 2000 plants!


Futuregarden is the official source for the new EZ-Grow AutoPot container gardens that have the 'smarts' to automatically water and feed plants on demand. No more tempermental pumps, tricky timers or even electricity for that matter, imagine the being able to grow anywhere there's light!


AutoPots have been used successfully by commercial green- houses throughout the world. While gravity fed reser- voirs can work very well for installations with up to 50 AutoPots, larger installations can benefit by employing automatic nutrient dosers which is a product Futuregarden will soon offer.


AutoPots are lightweight and stackable so they are easy to ship, assemble and store. Grow a thriving vegetable, herb or flower gardenindoors, on abalcony, a deck or rooftop. Suitable for plants as small as oregano or as large as a vine tomato.


AutoPots can be purchased individually or in kits that come complete with everything needed for hydroponics use including reservoir, mediums and nutrients. If you wish to grow organically,
the AutoPot can be used with plain water or organic nutrients that are 100% soluble and sediment free. AutoPots measure 11" w x 24" l x 10" t.

How does it Works AutoPot Layout Ideas
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Single Autopot Garden
Use these automatic feeding modules as an extension to your masterpiece garden, or with your own reservoir. Modules measure 24" L x 11" W x 8" H.      To purchase .....

Single Autopot Garden Kit
Entry level system comes complete with growing medium, 14 gallon reservoir, fittings, and a 16 oz. liquid earth nutrient kit. Sets up in minutes flat, so get ready to grow! Reservoir measures 18" L x 13.5" W x 13" H      To purchase .....

Dual Autopot Garden Kit
Our most popular configuration also comes ready to grow with everything the single autopot kit includes but adds an additional Autopot Garden and the required growing medium. This makes for the Perfect setup for a 250W-400W HID lamp when growing indoors.
 To purchase .....

Quad Autopot Garden Kit
Designed with the serious gardener in mind, the Quad garden kit is a great way to grow lots of plants in a carefree fashion. Includes four modules and the 31 gallon reservoir measures 32" L x 20" W x 18" H. Use with a 250-400W lamp if growing indoors.      To purchase .....

Ten Autopot Garden Kit
We call this one the “Family Farm” since it will feed your family and your favorite neighbors too. Comes ready to grow, everything included. 46 gallon reservoir is 23" wide and 35" tall      To purchase .....

Authentic replacement AQUAvalve fits all Autpot self watering products or use with your own garden design to automatically provide plants with water and food on demand. More info      To purchase .....


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